New Counseling Schedule

In order to maximize the number of Clients we can serve and minimize the wait time for our Clients – in terms of both available appointments and office wait time – we have decided to take on a new Counseling schedule effective January 2, 2013.

Below are schedules for both VA Counseling and Workforce Development Counseling followed by an FAQ regarding the changes. If your question is not answered here please call our office at (256) 883-7035.

VA Counseling Schedule

VA schedule

Workforce Development Counseling Schedule

WFD schedule


  • Both VA Claims and Workforce Development will have Walk-ins from 8-11:30am Mon-Thurs?

Yes and no. VA Claims will have walk-ins Mon-Thurs 8-11:30am and Workforce will have walk-ins Mon-Fri 8-11:30am. Unlike VA Claims, Workforce will also accept walk-ins on Friday.


  • Friday will be by appointment only for both VA Claims and Workforce Development?

No. Workforce will take walk-ins every day. The Veteran will first see Tom who will conduct intake and assessments before the Veteran sees Mitch. This way the intake process can be streamlined and more efficient.


  • Who do I speak to in order to schedule an appointment for VA Claims?

Rick and Laura. They will do their own pre-appointment screenings so that they may determine the length of appointment needed in order to fully serve the Client.


  • Who do I speak to in order to schedule an appointment for Workforce Development?

Tom. He will do all initial interviews for Workforce. Tom will also set appointments for Mitch after he has met with the Veteran and performed the necessary intake procedures.


  • How will the current appointments that are already set be handled?

    • How will SSV handle clients calling for appointments if the counselors have clients in their office?

    • Will they work from phone messages daily?

Already scheduled appointments will be honored. Future appointments will be set by the specified counselors. Those answering the phones will tell the Veteran or family member that a counselor will call back for an intake interview within 48 hours –basic information like name and phone number will be noted and then given to the appropriate counselor. The counselors are charged with returning phone calls daily (it is built into their schedules) and will then give the receptionist a list of appointments so that she may conduct appointment confirmation calls 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.


  • What do I need to bring to walk-ins?

Please bring your DD214. If you are coming for VA benefits counseling also bring any medical records. If you are coming for Workforce Development you should bring any certifications you may have acquired during your service, a military resume, and – if applicable – a civilian resume.


We hope this answers all of your questions and that this new scheduling system expands our reach to Veterans and their families. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions:

(256) 883-7035


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