A Few Words About Finding New Opportunities

Here at SSV, we work tirelessly to help Veterans find work and transition into civilian life. We love it when we hear from those that we have helped, and love it even more when they have words of encouragement for other Veterans. Here are a few of those words:

Mitch, and SSV helped me the most by being there to actually talk to me, and their resume editing was critical to obtaining my interview, and job offer. Network, network, network! Do not isolate yourself, do not miss a viable opportunity to meet with people who can hire you, or help you get hired.  Your attitude is so important, during my 16 months looking for full time work: I prayed, I applied, I cried, I studied & read material useful to my career field, and I managed my attitude (my toughest challenge). My toughest career lesson was accepting the economy is changing (Defense salaries dropped 6% in 2012 alone in Alabama), and I had to both change career fields, and move to the new work.  My new employer specifically hired me because I am a Vet, they want disciplined leaders with integrity who are adaptable, not because I have experience in their industry.

– Norm M.

We firmly believe that Veterans represent some of the best employees in the job market for potential employers. Here’s another:

When I received my honorable discharge from the military my goals were to finish college and find a good job.  After three years of school I received my degree and I instantly began my job search.  After several months and close to fifty applications later I only had two job interviews and no offers.  In this economy it became apparent that I needed all the help I could get to make myself stand out from other candidates.  A friend of mine, who was a Still Serving Veterans client, told me of their services and the next day I scheduled an appointment with them.  Within two weeks of my appointment with SSV they helped me get an interview with a reputable defense company in Research Park, and another week after that the company sent me a job offer.  Just four weeks after my first contact with SSV I had my first day with my new job.  SSV helped me market my skills and emphasized the value of my military experience to employers.  It is a simple fact, without their help I would still be unemployed.

– Josh B.

It truly is wonderful when we can help facilitate a transition so quickly. Sometimes, there’s just a few aspects that we can assist with or bring to the Veteran’s attention, and those changes have the potential to change an employer’s outlook on a potential employee.

I can not say enough out about SSV’s dedication and professionalism in helping all Veteran’s. I can testify they helped me in the step by step efforts to set me up for success in finding not only a job but a career that fits me. It hasn’t just stop there folks! They are still there for me as I completely transition into the civilian world. They ROCK!
– Sophia M.
We love to hear from those who feel we helped, so if you have worked with us, either in the past or presently, feel free to leave a comment here or on our facebook page.


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