OK Tornado Relief Drive

25-28 April 2011 – You remember the reports…

“Officials have confirmed an EF4 tornado swept through areas of Limestone and Madison Counties, where they are continuing to survey damage.  An EF4 tornado with wind speeds of 190 mph started by Browns Ferry and continued to track along U.S. 72 at Tanner to Harvest and Anderson Hills. A weaker tornado was also confirmed along Gooch Lane at Wall-Triana Highway in Madison.  A total of seven tornadoes were confirmed across the state, and the Weather Channel reported six were EF4 tornadoes. At least 210 people have died in Alabama and nine people were killed in Madison County…”

Floods of assistance came into Alabama as we tried to recover from this devastating storm system that literally, “knocked us off our feet”.  But through our perseverance,  and assistance, most of which came from private citizens, not government, we have recovered.  It wasn’t easy.  It was hard work.  But at least we didn’t feel like we were alone.  We had people that came to help.  We had people that couldn’t come, so they sent things that were desperately needed, and appreciated.  We had people sending their prayers and they were certainly appreciated.

Now is your chance to give back, Team Redstone!

Oklahoma has been hit recently, not by one, but two major storms, that produced tornadoes that have devastated Moore, Shawnee, El Reno and the surrounding area.

Team Redstone is sponsoring an effort called “Team Redstone Gives Back”.  We will be collecting clothing, stuffed animals, coloring books and crayons, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items.  Collection points will be set up throughout the Arsenal during the week of 17-21 June.  Please help us, help Oklahoma like so many people helped us.  What you donate will make a difference.

Please ensure that all clothing is in good shape.  You may also include cards with words of encouragement.

Collection points will be set up at the new Redstone Welcome Center, AMC Headquarters (Bldg 4400), NEC-R Lobby (Bldg 3400), Sparkman Center Complex lobby (Bldg 5400).  If you organization would like to serve as a collection point, please let Randall Yeoman know.

Points of contact for this drive are Randall Yeoman, 256-842-9139, randall.p.yeoman.civ@mail.mil and Edwin Smith, 256-842-3028, edwin.n.smithiii.ctr@mail.mil.  If you have any questions or your organization wants to serve as a collection point, please contact Randall or Edwin.

For further information, see the flyer: OK Tornado Drive.  Tell someone.  Do your part!  Let’s all work together to see that those affected by the tornadoes, are once again, OK!


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