Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Teach-In Days at Local Schools

MLK DayStill Serving Veterans and the City of Huntsville Office of Multicultural Affairs, in conjunction with the Huntsville City Schools, will be conducting the Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Teach-In Days at area local elementary, middle and high schools on January 17, 2014. Community volunteers will be facilitating activities that honor Dr. King’s lifelong vision and commitment to unity, progress and nonviolence, principles that should be embraced by all human beings.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Federal Commission identified the King Holiday as “a day to affirm the American ideals of freedom, justice and opportunity for all. A day when the community rids itself of barriers which divide it and comes together as one. A day for families to share together, to reach out to relatives and friends and to mend broken relationships. A day when all people of all races, religions, classes and stations in life put aside their differences and assemble in a spirit of togetherness.”

For these reasons, Still Serving Veterans and the City of Huntsville Office of Multicultural Affairs in conjunction with the Huntsville City Schools seeks to elevate the national King Holiday above being just another day off for students, faculty, and staff. Dr. King’s lifetime commitment to the struggle for racial inequality through nonviolent social change has left an indelible mark upon both the national and international communities, and services as a viable model for achieving the implied goals of our democratic society.MLK & quote

Founded in 2006, Still Serving Veterans’ (SSV) mission is to empower veterans, including wounded warriors and their families, by helping them reintegrate into the workforce and community. Services include outreach and education, individual case management, referral to mental health counseling with a focus on post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, long-term career development and employment placement, financial planning, and help securing VA benefits. SSV works with veteran businesses and coordinates employment opportunities with the Service Disabled and Veteran Owned Businesses in Madison County and throughout Alabama

For more information, call Shannon Drake at (256) 883-7035 – office or (256) 755-1951 – cell or send email responses to


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