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Resource Spotlight: OneHarvest Food Ministries

Welcome to the first “SSV Resource Spotlight!” Jenny Lux, our Research Coordinator, will spotlight a resource from our Community Resource Book. These “Resource Spotlights” will cover resources at the local, state, and national levels. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please contact us here, through our “Contact Us” form, or email us at admin@stillservingveterans.org.

What is OneHarvest?

One Harvest color logo

OneHarvest is a non-profit, non-denominational, faith based organization that is committed to helping American families. OneHarvest offers affordable, pre-packaged, high quality food boxes. 

By partnering with local churches, OneHarvest is able to offer a once monthly distribution giving people in the community an opportunity to save, serve and connect.

They truly believe that food ministry is an awesome and effective way to serve and connect with the community. Their heart is ministry, feeding people is the bonus. (www.oneharvest.com)

Who can order and are there limitations?

Anyone can order from OneHarvest, there are no income limitations. Plus there are no limits to how many boxes or what kind of boxes you can get. For example, you can order any number of the Specialty Boxes without having to order a family box (#1 on the Menu). OneHarvest serves everyone no matter their need and most locations accepts EBT.

What do I need?

While you do get some dry goods (mixes) with the Family or the More than Enough boxes, the majority of your boxes will have frozen foods. Be sure you have enough freezer space for the items.

What is available from month to month?

From month to month the menus do change, due to what is fresh and available. Click here to view the January 2014 menu, or visit their site for the most updated menu.

How do I order?

You can order through any participating church, go online, or call 1-877-818-1778.

For ordering at a Church:

  • Go to https://shop.oneharvest.com/index.php/stores/front/pages/view/ and type in your zip code. The site will show you the names, emails, and phone numbers of your local host sites. You will need to contact your chosen host site to find out the different kinds of payment (i.e.- cash, check, debit card, credit card, or EBT Food Stamps) that they are able to receive. Not all the sites can do it all.

For ordering online or by phone (1-877-818-1778):

  • You need to have your form of payment handy (debit or credit card), along with the name of which host site you plan to pick up from.
  • Make sure you can pick up your items during the host site’s scheduled pick up times.

You can also write a note authorizing a person you trust to pick up the items in your name if you have transportation issues.

If I need to pay with EBT Food Stamps, where do I go?

Trinity United Methodist Church – Huntsville (607 Airport Rd. Huntsville, AL. 35802)

Pickup Time:
Saturday, Jan 18th 2014: Between 8:30am and 9:30am
Site Contact: Gloria Burke
Site Phone: 256-533-7472
Site E-Mail: bbill52@att.net

—- AND —-

The Brook – Madison (8573 Hwy 72 West Madison, Alabama 35758)

Pickup Time:
Saturday, Jan 18th 2014: Between 9:00am and 10:00am
Site Contact: Wanda Becatti
Site Phone: (256) 837-6633
Site E-Mail: wandadb@aol.com

NOTE: If ordering in Madison with EBT please contact Wanda directly at (256) 503-0485.

What are the deadlines for January 2014?
  • Trinity United Methodist Church’s on-site ordering (EBT Food Stamps, cash, and checks) must be made by Friday, January 10, 2014 @ 5:00 pm Central.
  • The Brook’s on-site ordering (EBT Food Stamps, cash, and checks) must be made by Thursday, January 9, 2014 @ 5:00 pm Central.
  • Online orders (paid for by debit or credit cards) are due in by Sunday, January 12, 2014, by 11:59 pm EST.
  • The pick-up Distribution date is Saturday, January 18, 2014 and pick-up times vary from site to site so be sure to check the exact location.
Are there other Service Members/Veterans using this service?

Yes, there are many people from all walks of life using this outreach service. In fact, a local story of an active duty soldier can be found on the home page of OneHarvest.

What if I’m not in Alabama?

OneHarvest is currently distributing in Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas (Dallas/Forth Worth & Tyler), Virginia and West Virginia. You can check for locations near you here.



Veterans Day Freebies & Discounts – The Ultimate List

With Veterans Day around the corner, we wanted everyone to know about the great discounts and freebies available in your community. We have compiled a list of restaurants, parks, retailers, and more that will be offering Veterans, Service Members, and their families freebies and deals on services and goods.

Remember: Always check with the establishment in your area, not all locations on these lists are participating. You will also want to ensure you have proof of your service (Military ID, Drivers Licence with Veterans Designation, DD214, a photo ID in uniform, wearing your uniform, or some other proof of service). Finally, always ask your server/cashier/attendant for the discount, don’t assume they know about the discount or freebie… plus, you know what they say about assuming… 😉

We have compiled the lists according to type of establishment. Click on the link and you will be able to view the PDF in your browser then opt to print or save the list by clicking the appropriate icon on the bottom right. Have fun, enjoy, and thank you for your service!

2013 Veterans Day Freebies & Discounts – Food

Follow the link above to see the list of restaurants, bars, and grills that are offering Veterans Days freebies & discounts.

2013 Veterans Day Freebies & Discounts – Retailers

Click the link above to find out which of your favorite clothing stores are participating in Veterans Day by thanking our Nation’s Heroes with great discounts and free stuff!

2013 Veterans Day Freebies & Discounts – Parks & Museums

The link above will show you what events, parks, and museums are going to be offering discounts and free entry on Veterans Day.

That’s our list! Feel free to add any others you may know about. And remember, although they may not be on this list, a lot of establishments and companies offer discounts to Veterans, Service Members, and their families all year – be sure to ask!

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