VA Claims & Benefits

Still Serving Veterans (SSV) provides Veterans and their families assistance in obtaining all the VA benefits and services that they have earned and deserve.

For updates on events from this department
or to find resources and tips on everything claims
visit our VA Claims & Benefits blog:


SSV’s VA Claims & Benefits services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance filling out paperwork to initiate a claims
  • Review claims to check for additional benefits
  • Filing appeals

When a Veteran or family member comes to SSV for Benefits counseling, our team first helps the client obtain all necessary documents and then, using their extensive knowledge, assists the client with receiving all the benefits that they have earned.


Meet the VA Claims & Benefits team:

Rick - Color - Web

Rick Marquith, CWO3 (R), USCG
Veteran’s Service Officer

Laura - Color - Web

Laura Skinner, USAF Vietnam Veteran
Veteran’s Service Officer


Have Questions or Need Some More Info?

Check out our website:
Or give us a call at (256) 883-7035
Toll Free: 1-866-778-4645


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